Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The Truman Show II: Tru Lies

Truman (Jim Carrey) has escaped to the real world, and discovers that Earth's yellow sun gives him super human strength and laser vision. This is the tru(e) reason why the Director (Ed Harris) kept him in that giant multi-trillion dollar snowglobe since birth. One of Truman's fans runs up to him and is like "Hey man I love your show" and Truman accidentally shoots him with his laser eyes and kills him. Then he becomes a fugitive, or should I say... a TRUgitive. Truman flies to the top of the Truman World dome and finds the director and starts crying. "What.. am I?" he cries. Jim Carrey gives an amazing performance in this scene. The Director promises him that everything will be okay, and tries to inject him with something that will help him control his powers. But Truman uses his x-ray vision or something and sees that he's actually trying to inject him with Super AIDS, so he punches him in the face and then flies away. The FBI and the CIA can't do shit because Truman is so powerful. BUT THEN, it starts raining and it turns out his one weakness is Earth Rain. He's still flying but the Earth Rain melts his eyeballs and he crashes into the Hollywood sign. His dying words are "Well, I guess that's Hollywood for you!" Meanwhile, the Director (Ed Harris) is watching this in his Dome Headquarters, and upon seeing Truman's death, he sheds a single tear. The camera zooms in on the tear until it is revealed that there is another Truman Show inside his tear. I don't really know what this ending means, but it makes an important statement about the media and our society.

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