Monday, March 23, 2009

She's the Man 2: She's the Manager

It's been five years since Amanda Bynes pretended to be her twin brother so she could play soccer. Now she's retired from her soccer career because she injured her knee during a game and had to have her leg amputated. So now she wears a prosthetic leg. Her friends call her Pro-Leg. After she retired, her soccer coach got her a job at his brother-in-law's hardware store. The Manager of the store is always like "Well if it isn't the big-shot soccer star" and is always looking for some reason to fire her. He's like "You may have been the only girl out on that soccer field, but there's like 7 girls working here, and you're not even the hottest. You're like the third-hottest." Then he starts limping away, because he has a leg injury too. Pro-Leg is like, "Whatever, you fuckin' gimp" and the Manger's like "WHAAAT?" but Pro-Leg quickly covers, "I said 'my boyfriend's dick is limp'" and the Manager's like "Oh okay". Also it wouldn't really make sense for her to call him a gimp since she's even more of a gimp than he is. Then another hardware store worker named Billy-Bob comes up to her and says "Hey I heard you called the Manager a gimp! That's awesome! Way to stand up to the man(ager)!" and he's not being sarcastic, even if it sounds that way. By the way he's limping around too, so there's yet another cripple working at the hardware store. Pro-Leg looks around and finally realizes that EVERYONE in the store is crippled, and she's like "What is this, some kinda Gimptown?" and Billy-Bob explains that the hardware store used to be called "Gimptown" but they had to change the name because it was offensive to gimps.

Later that night, Pro-Leg wakes up at the hardware store and realizes that she must have fallen asleep while stocking the paint shelves, because she accidentally left all of the paint cans open and breathed in all the fumes. Or maybe she was just tired. So she thinks she's the only one in the store, and starts walking towards the exit, but then she realizes the manager is here too, in his office, so she has to try and sneak out without him seeing her. Then she sees something SO SHOCKING SERIOUSLY... the manager takes his wig off and removes his shirt, and that's when Pro-Leg discovers that the manger is actually a womanager! She's like "Hey, you stole my idea!" and the manager's like "WHAAAT?" and Pro-Leg covers, "I said 'my boyfriend shops at Ikea'" and the manager's like "Oh, okay. Hey wait, who the hell's out there?" So then Pro-Leg runs away. Only she can't run very fast because of her fake leg. But it's okay because the manager can't run fast either due to her fucked up leg. When Pro-Leg gets home she vows to get revenge on the lying manager, the best way she knows how... She goes over to Billy-Bob's house and convinces him to disguise himself as a girl named "Billie-Barb" so he can seduce the hardware store manager.

The next day, Pro-Leg introduces Billie-Barb to the manger (Who, coincidentally, is named "Schmanager". So maybe that's why she wanted to be a manager). The two fall instantly in love, but because Schmanager is actually a girl she's like "Hey does this mean I'm gay?" and because Billie-Barb is actually a guy he's like "Hey does this mean I'M gay?" But they don't care, they just start having sex in the manager's office. But remember, Schmanager is a girl pretending to be a guy, and Billie-Barb is a guy pretending to be a girl, and neither one knows the other's true gender, so Schmanager is really just putting her fake penis in Billie-Barb's fake vagina. It's complicated. Suddenly, the owner of the hardware store, Roger Gimpton (David Cross) shows up, and he's like "Where's the manager?" So Pro-Leg tells him that he's in his office. Gimpton opens the office door, only to find Billie-Barb sucking Schmanager's fake dick. Pro-Leg tells Billie-Barb (through the secret audio device hidden his his fake left tit) to go through with the last part of the operation, "Now, BB! Tell Gimpton that the manager forced you to blow him!" But BB can't do it. Because he's in love. Then Schmanager's like "I forced him to do it!" Because she's also in love, and it trying to cover for BB. Then they run away together and get married, but they never reveal their true genders to each other. Billy-Bob even pretends to be pregnant a few months later, but they don't think they're ready to raise a child, so he has to pretend to have an abortion.


  1. i wanna see dis movie

  2. the producer should make she's the man 2 because to see how its goes amanda bynes should get pregant with duke's baby that be a good movie

    1. that actually really would be an awesome movie

  3. there is no way that is how they would make the second one go. it doesn't even make any sense. She's the manager...with a fake leg...what a joke. someone is obviously very bored.

  4. I LOVED the first movie, I hope there was/is a second movie and on. <3 !!!!

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